Wednesday 4 October 2017


Author: Gerald Hawksley

Hi Everyone

It has been quite a week here with the school holidays, work and I have been helping relatives move house.  So reading time has been a little it smaller, but I do have a good one nearly finish and coming your way over the next week.  

This morning I opened up an email which informed me Amazon had this lovely little book free on Kindle today.  I still love children's picture books and look for them everywhere I go, especially for tutoring.  Hence my little computer mouse clicked on the link and then clicked in the buy button and I have in front of me, on my Kindle this lovely little book - Ghosties.

So here I go.... I'm opening it on my Kindle and reading it now as I talk to you 🙊

First page introduces us to the fact 'Halloween is in the air'  and they are on a bit a hunt to see a ghost.  The first picture looks good.  Not to much on the page.  I think I would enjoy reading this to a little tot.

Turing the page... We have a town.

The next page grabs my interest more.  The picture is brilliant, the ghosts in Ghostie town look human, they are all in a rush.  I'm smiling now 😊

Still turning pages... this is quite a simple quick little read.  It is very well done.  There a even cat ghosts and they all look so friendly and cute.  I really like the cleaning ghost!  The lazy ghost is kind of cute too.

Okay I'm convinced.  I recommend this book, especially if your children are little.  I wish someone had given me a book like this when I was little and scared of the dark.  Yes I was once scared of the dark!

There is even jokes in the back 😉.  Well done Gerald Hawksley the kids are going to enjoy this one.

And if you go to Amazon today, it is free on Kindle.  What more can one ask for?


Halloween is in the air.
You'd like to see a ghost - but where?
At night when the sun's gone down,
Come with me to Ghostie Town . . .
Where you will find the most colorful and cheerful collection of ghosties you could ever hope to meet.
Another silly rhyming kindle picture book from Gerald Hawksley.

Happy reading

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