Saturday 16 September 2017

Towards another summer

Towards Another Summer
Author: Janet Frame
ISBN: 9781869419745

Towards Another Summer
Hi Everyone

Okay, here we have it... a book that I just didn't click with. 

I listened to this on audio book.  The reader was great, but I struggled with it the whole way through.  I am in two minds about the whole book though.  One is that it was on audio, so I have this deep down feeling that I should read it in book form.  Two, I did like that is was set in New Zealand.  The setting was the one thing that kept me listening actually.

In honesty this is probably a really good classic but I just couldn't click with it.  We all have books that we just cannot connect with and I have found that book of mine.  As I write this I think of all the classics I had to read and study for my degree and remember all the times I just wanted to shut the stupid book but then I became entwined in the plot in some way.  The more I re-read to study each classic the more I fell in love with them.  Especially - A Tale of Two Cities.  So, maybe I should just read it again.

Leave me a comment if you think I should re-read it in book form.


Towards Another Summer is a meditation on the themes of exile and return, homesickness and not knowing where home really is. It is suffused with beauty and tenderness and shot through with self-deprecating humour and frailty. Grace, the protagonist, is taking a break from writing a long novel and seems to be losing her grip on daily life in London. She feels more and more like a migratory bird as the pull of her native New Zealand makes life in England seem transitory. The desire to leave behind the social human agonies of appearing neither too clever nor too stupid, too helpful or too lazy, becomes overwhelming for Grace. Frame's observational prowess is apparent in Towards Another Summer in the vivid and heartbreaking passages about children and childhood and in Grace's growing awareness of the demanding forces of social convention.

This was available from: Book depository, Amazon, and Fishpond

Happy reading

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