Saturday 9 September 2017

That is that: Essays about ture nature

That is That: Essays About Ture Nature
Author: Nirmala
ISBN: 9781453759738

That Is That: Essays About True Nature
Hi Everyone

That is That. This is titled Essays About Ture Nature but in real honesty I have found this book to be page after page of wisdom.

Pure and simple essays exploring all aspects of ones self.  Its an amazing little read.  It got me thinking at ever turn of the page.  The writing in these pages talk of such truth of human nature that as I read, I had many aha moments.  Many moment of sitting in quite thought thinking about what I had just read.  Many times when I bounced from the seat to continue my day with enthusiasm.

Here are some of the essays you will discover within the cover of this brilliant piece of literature:

  • What is this moments treasure?
  • The minds endless to-do list
  • Noticing gratitude
  • Not knowing
  • Being present to feelings
  • Enquiry into numbness
  • Enquiry into control
  • Enquiry into resentment
  • Every moment is self-realisation
  • Seeking, being and giving
I only got this because I found it on my Kindle -  Free.  So I clicked to take a look.  I am so pleased I did as I have had many quite times as I have pondered the writing within.  I am able to pick it up and read just one little essay - just a few pages - and put it back down for another day.


That Is That: Essays About True Nature is a collection of articles and answers to questions posed by spiritual seekers. It captures the essence of spiritual inquiry and provides the reader with a real transmission of Presence on every page. It is much more than an exposition about our true nature as infinite Oneness, it offers an experiential exploration of who we really are, not only through the transmission in the words, but through the many thoughtful questions it raises. Nirmala's warm-hearted and accepting presence makes it possible to drop into the space he so eloquently describes, where peace, love, and joy abide. He is a master at helping you fall in love with life and the many expressions of the one Being we all more

This was available from: Book depository, Amazon and Fishpond

Happy reading

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