Friday 4 August 2017

Henry and the hidden treasure

Henry and the hidden treasure
Author: B.C.R. Fegan
Illustrated by: Lenny Wem
ISBN: 9780995359277

Hi Everyone,

Here is another excellent book by B.C.R. Fegan... I think he is fast becoming my favourite children's book author. 

In this book, little Henry has pocket money which is his treasure.  No need for a bank, he will hide it!  But there is an issue called a little sister.  This is where the book gets interesting as the imagination of Henry comes alive. 

The illustrations highlight Henry's vision just perfect! 

I smiled all the way through this little gem as I remembered my boy a little younger than he is now. The minds of children are just like this story, well at least my children were like this when they were younger. 

I liked the ending which I probably shouldn't spoil the whole book as you should make it an asset to your book shelf.  With the year more than half way through it means Christmas will approach me quicker than I realise, but I think this book will be going onto my Christmas list for all the little ones in my life.  It is a beautifully illustrated, well thought out book.


Henry and the Hidden Treasure is an imaginative adventure a young child has in defending his pocket money against his little sister. Henry constructs elaborate defensive measures that he is sure will stand up to the clever ambitions of Lucy. Little does he know, Lucy has a few tricks of her own. With a focus on introducing children to the use of ordinal numbers, Henry and the Hidden Treasure also draws out some important qualities of being a kid - such as creativity, the value of listening to parental advice, and of course, being nice to your more

Author: B.C.R Fegan

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