Friday 30 June 2017

Speech boot camp

Speech Boot Camp - Introduction to public speaking
Andrew Pudewa
ISBN: 9780984099085

Hi Everyone

I have a few public speaking things on at the moment so I got this out of my cupboard.  Hidden away amongst my many resources this is a little gem.  For anyone who has not discovered Institute for Excellence Writing their resources are well worth the investment.  I have used many of their resources for teaching and I used the university essay writing DVD set when I first started my studies.  Fantastic teaching and writing tools, and this one is also brilliant. 

It is aimed at students grades 6-12 (my country that is yr 7-13).  What I really like is the student examples.  These speeches are extremely well presented and gives other children/young adults a feel for public speaking.  Included is a downloadable e-book which includes handouts, lesson plans and evaluation forms taking much of the prep work out of lesson planning.

I for one, like most of the products from this company and I tick the boxes for this disc set too.  Have a read of the description it explains much of what is included on the discs.


Targeting students in grades 6-12 and showing actual footage of students' speeches, this fast paced public speaking course is presented on four DVD's with downloadable e-book including handouts for "trainees."  Lesson plans and evaluation forms are provided for a facilitator. 

Disk 1: Into the Fire
             Self-introduction & planning a narrative speech

Disk 2: The 10 mile run
             Narrative speeches and organising a descriptive speech

Disk 3: Obstacle courses
             Descriptive speeches and planning a persuasive speech

Disk 4: The finish line
             Persuasive speeches and applications

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