Wednesday 21 June 2017

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone,

I know it's early but I have just found this Booktuber and I really like her clips.  I actually found her over at Instagram.  Her photos have led me to her channel.  Oh my goodness she is so easy to watch.  She seems to be genuinely interested in other people, enough to look into the recommendations that she receives. 

I love her book haul this month.  I am impressed that it is not just the normal run of the mill popular books that she purchases.  Well done, a girl after my own heart 😀

As for her co-host.... her puppy!  What a cutie I would wactch over and over to see this adorable co-host.

Take a look at this clip and the rest you will find of hers over on youtube.  Just follow the link under the clip.

Happy reading

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