Thursday 11 May 2017

Think! Before it's too late

Think! Before It's Too Late
Author: Edward De Bono
ISBN: 9780091924096
Think!: Before It's Too Late

Hi Everyone

I have been all over the country side over the last couple of days, so I only managed to listen to my audio books.  There is a place for audio books, especially in the car.  So have for you just a quick review on what I have been doing in my little literacy world and it comes form what I have listened to in my car...

What better to listen to than a book that makes you think about how you think!

Something we do every day without even thinking about how we put things together or if we could even change the dynamics of thinking from what what discovered centuries ago.  This is what interested me most about this book.  Philosophy and how human thought was big business... once.  Yes, today we study the brain and know so much about it, more than ever before.  But, how often do we as individuals examine our thinking process and prospectives.

I will listen this again. 

I will get different from the process next time. 

I wish I had more time to listen this now and tell you more.


You could go to Bolinda Box and download it from your library

Just like I did!


The world is full of problems and conflicts. So why can we not solve them? According to Edward de Bono, world thinking cannot solve world problems because world thinking is itself the problem. And this is getting worse: we are so accustomed to readily available information online that we search immediately for the answers rather than thinking about them. Our minds function like trying to drive a car using only one wheel. There's nothing wrong with that one wheel - conventional thinking - but we could all get a lot further if we used all four...De Bono examines why we think the way we do from a historical perspective and uses some of his famous thinking techniques, such as lateral thinking, combined with new ideas to show us how to change the way we think. If we strengthen our ability and raise our thinking level, other areas of our life - both personal and business success - will improve. De Bono is the master of the original big 'concept' book and his enticement to us to use our minds as constructively as possible should appeal to a whole new

Happy reading

Available on Bolinda Box and from: Fishpond, and Book depository 

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