Monday 8 May 2017

The truth about Magic

The Truth About Magic
Author: Dave Luckett

The Truth about Magic

Hi Everyone,

I listened to this on Bolinda Box and really enjoyed it.  The voices were well suited to the characters and the audio was the perfect length.

In the beginning Mr Tipkins hands out gifts to two babies but his magic is too powerful, making the truth come to light right through the book.  I thought this concept was brilliant for teaching children the value of truth.  As I listened to the story I connected with Mr Tipkins and the children.  I like their values and gifts. But... I became quite annoyed with the rest of the characters (only because of the deception and pompous attitudes).  Don't be concerned about my irks, it brought to the surface the character values of the children and Mr Tipkins, exactly what I would want my children to be experiencing while listening it.

I think I liked everything about this little audio, right down to the character irks that were really from the presentation of the book as a whole.  The plot, characters, scenery, theme, they all connected well. 

I listened as I cooked tea each night and it did take the work out 'cooking'.  You should try it.  Go to Bolinda Box in your Playstore and download the app to your phone.  Connect in with your library card, download a book or two and start reading. 


When Mr Tipkins, a gift-giver from the Department of Wishes of Faerie, arrives to give a wish to a newborn baby in the village of Widdershins, he isn't in the best of moods. His uncharacteristic burst of bad temper begins a chain reaction that has consequences no-one can foresee. The Truth about Magic is a story of mistakes and of deception, of wizards (good and bad), and of what happens when perfectly ordinary wishes go wrong.

Happy reading

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