Sunday 28 May 2017

Greedy cat and the sneeze

Greedy Cat and the Sneeze
Author: Joy Cowley 
ISBN: 9781869436889

Hi Everyone,

The weekend is now over and my week is well underway.  I was thinking of what I should bring to you today and decided it was time for another children's book.  I never get tired of children's books.

Greedy cat is a story that I can see every young child relating to.  The cat has the sneezes and the little girl is playing nurse with it.  As the cat meows the girl gives it more food to help make the cat strong and healthy again.  But the cat keeps eating and eating until it sneezes and out comes all the food... and a fur ball. 

A very adorable little story.  I could almost imagine myself as a little girl, I would have been just like the little girl in the book.  Maybe that is why I like it so much 😁


Greedy Cat is feeling poorly
Snuffle and wheeze!  Sniffle and sneeze!

Katie thinks she has the answer to make him strong and healthy again... more food!

This was available: Book depository

Happy reading

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