Wednesday 3 May 2017

App zone

Hi Everyone,

I have had a few people ask me what I use to present the quotes I have throughout my blog.  So I bring you today, my quote secrets.

Well I guess it isn't really a big secret, rather just a couple of brilliant apps which I got from Play Store.

The one use the most is Wordswag

I find this one has loads of pictures and backgrounds to select and you can also add your own pictures.  Then you type in your text, click on the font and select colour of font.  You can move the font anywhere on the screen and change the size.  Wordswag is a Play Store purchase, but I have found it worth the price.

The other App I like is InstaQuote

InstaQuote is simple to use, and comes with selected backgrounds, or use your own.  You can purchase extra backgrounds as in app purchases.  Once again you select a background, type in text and select font.  The fonts and backgrounds are more limited than Wordswag but I like them.  InstaQuote is free on Play Store.

So there you have two apps, one free and one for a small price.  I use both and have found Wordswag worth the purchase price.  Instaquote is free but has in app purchases available. 

Other than InstaQuote and Wordswag ... I simply use Microsoft Publisher.

There are many more apps available for making words come alive.  I have just found these ones work for me so I haven't ventured much further.  If you have recommendations I would love to hear about them so leave me a comment.

Happy reading


  1. Hi Richelle,
    Have you used CANVA. I recently discovered it and have found it really good to use. Ruth van den Brink

  2. Hi Ruth!
    Thanks for looking in and the recommendation.
    Yes, I have just discovered Canva this week and it looks really good. I'm experimenting with it, there is loads you can create with their site.

    Have a good weekend,