Tuesday 11 April 2017

Winnie the Horse Gentler

Winnie The Horse Gentler Series
Author: Bandi Baley Mackall
ISBN: Assorted

Hi Everyone

Following a long weekend of family staying, I got little reading done.  I still wanted to be able to bring something to you, so I went looking on my daughter's bookcase.  I found all her Winnie the Horse Gentler books. 

I didn't cheat... I have read all these, just a long time ago.  When I first purchased these for her she wasn't keen on the idea of reading much other than Sheltie books, but her reading level far exceeded the little Sheltie books that she engulfed far to quickly.  So, I read the first book to her.  She was hooked!  I was then dragged back to town week after week to purchase the next book in the series.  It didn't take long before she had all her friends reading the series too.

These are the titles in the series and the descriptions so you can gain an understanding of the content that grabbed her attention:

1. Wild Thing
Twelve-year-old Winnie Willis loves horses- just like her mother did.  But since her mom died two years ago, Winnie, her sister, Lizzy, and her father have moved five times. Winnie never cared much- until now.  She has a chance to buy the horse of her dreams at an upcoming auction- but how will she ever earn enough money?  More importantly, how can she possibly convince her dad not to move them to another town... again?

2. Eager Star
Winnie Willis wants to be a famous horse gentler.  She already has one client, and a second has just signed on.  But the new client has given her only a week to train a horse for an important race... and the rider will be Grant Baines- the most popular boy in school.  To him, Winnie is invisible.  This is her chance to be part of the "in" crowd at school... if she succeeds.  How can she ever train the horse and Grant to work together in one week?

3. Bold Beauty
Winnie Willis has confidence to spare- on horseback, that is.  If only she could have the same self-assurance at school.  When Winnie gets a dreaded school assignment, her whole world is affected.  Worse, an accident on horseback shatters the one area of her life where everything was going fine.  Now she'll have to find the courage outside herself to face her classmates and the horse she let down.

4. Midnight Mystery
It's up to Winnie to solve a mystery and save a circus horse. But Winnie faces her own mystery as she struggles to keep her family from changing and to hold on to things as they are. She'll learn to appreciate God, who never changes no matter what else may threaten.

5. Unhappy Appy
Winnie Willis has always considered horses her best friends.  But lately the world seems to be pairing off, and she's the only one left out.  After all, her sister, Lizzy, now has a "best friend"; and Madeline, her dad's inventor "friend" keeps showing up.  But, Hawk, Winnie's only hope for a friend, has been acting as strange as her horse.  What's wrong with Hawk and Towaco?  If Winnie wants a chance for a best friend, she has to untangle the mystery.

6. Gift Horse
Just when Winnie Willis feels like school could be almost tolerable, Summer Spidell has to be... well, Summer.  Worse, Winnie's friend Hawk is away for Christmas vacation, Winnie is lonely.  Then a mysterious horse shows up in the pasture behind her house.  Suddenly Winnie is caught in a life-and-death struggle with the old mare.
Who is the horse's owner?  Will Winnie be able to keep- and save- this "gift horse"?

7. Friendly Foal
Nobody has ever needed Winnie before.  But she already has a big problem of her own.  The newborn foal has lost her mother and the world doesn't look friendly.  Winnie knows how the filly feels.  It's been two years since Winnie lost her mom, and she still has trouble trusting humans.  So why should the foal trust her?  But time is running out.
Then Sal, a classmate, arrives with the little surprise- and a lesson abut friendship that Winnie will never forget.

8. Buckskin Bandit
Winnie Willis has already answered eight horse e-mails for the Pet Help Line.  Now she's stumped.  She can't think of anything to tell someone whose biggest problem is that her parents care too much about her life.  After all, Winnie's dad had been so tied up lately with his invention and his friend Madeline, that they've barely talked.
When a bucksin disappears from the run-down Happy Trails stable, Winnie and friend Kaylee investigate- and find out what it truly means to be 'part of a herd.'

Happy reading

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