Sunday 30 April 2017

The Grumpface

The Grumpface
Author: B.C.R. Fegan
Release date: 1 May 2017

Hi Everyone,

I had the pleasure of being contacted by B.C.R Fegan he author of The Grumpface and being allowed a copy of this brilliant picture book.  First opinion was from the cover, of which I smiled and took off around the house to show my kids.  First impressions are always a good start.

I opened the book to find the most amazing, captivating, brightly coloured illustrations.  I give top credits to the illustrator D. Frongia.  The facial impressions of the characters are priceless, they told the story even without reading it.  This is always good when you have a little one who wants to sit looking at a book and making up their own story because they can't read the words.

Now, as for the wording.  The Grumpface has obviously had hours of thought gone into the writing.  The rhyme.  Every two lines rhyme.  I give here an extract to show you the brilliance to show you:

He turned and led Dan to a very high peak.
"Across this volcano is the freedom you seek.

Your next task is simple, but you'd better be bold.
You cross by this bridge, but you do it blindfold."

I want to give you more! But all I can give you is my advice, get a copy.  Especially if you have little ones.  The illustrations will grab them, the wording will roll off your tongue and they will want you to keep reading, the story line had a good moral.  What more do you want from a children's book??

Look, I have to give you two more lines because I just read them again and had to giggle at the thought and word play:

He'd invented some shoes: though they weren't to appealing.
Their grip was so strong he could walk on the ceiling.

If I give you anymore I will risk getting in trouble!  Can you see I have really enjoyed this book?

Anyway here is the description and a little about the author...


Dan is a young inventor in love. He ventures into a forest looking for a rose but instead finds the mysterious Grumpface who threatens to hold him captive unless he passes some difficult challenges. What follows is a humorous adventure that neither Dan nor the Grumpface could have anticipated.

The Grumpface is a tale in the spirit of any grand adventure. It is about a clumsy young inventor’s quest for love, and the challenges he must face to find it. But it is also a tale of bravery, absurdity and happiness, and the power of these qualities over negativity and sheer grumpiness.

Every parent will be acquainted with their own little ‘grumpface’ now and then. This story stands as a small piece of hope – that no matter how ingrained the grump, there will always remain in every one of us a smile or a laugh just waiting to come out.

About the Author:

BCR Fegan is an Australian author who has written a number of fairy tales and fantasies for children and young adults.

Raised on a small hobby farm only minutes from some of Australia’s greatest beaches, Fegan grew up inspired by the power of natures ambience. From the intensity of the frequent summer storms, to the overwhelming serenity of a lonely beach in the early hours of the morning. His ravenous appetite for both reading and writing soon saw him drawing on the transformational influence of the world around him to craft short stories, poems and picture books

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