Sunday 23 April 2017

Easy week night meals

Easy Week Night Meals
Nadia Lim
ISBN: 978-1-87750-549-2

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I thought it was about time I got a recipe book and reviewed it for you.  I like Nadia Lim for her simplicity and desire to see healthy food readily available for all families.  Nadia was the winner of a television programme 'Master chief ' and ever since she has graced many homes with her food bags.  The 'My Food Bag' concept is simple... you order the food bag online and a recipe with all the ingredients in a bag is delivered to your door.

Or, you can buy one of her many recipe books as I have.

Easy Week Night Meals took my eye due to the simple ideas spruced up to transform the basic meal into a Devinne week night meal.  For example: Fish 'n' chips with smashed minted peas... This is the average wedge chip, cooked in the oven with little oil to keep them healthy; peas cooked in a stock minted with a couple of other seasonings; really nicely coated crumbed fish; and tartare sauce.  I have always wanted a tartare sauce recipe!

Another one that I really like is the Chicken Katsu skewers with cabbage and sugar snap soba noodles.  Now come on, how many kids love cabbage?  Add it to the noodles and sugar snap peas along with the seasonings and you have a well disguised cabbage dish when accompanied with the chicken skewers.

I hate leek!  With a passion! But I am going to try the leak and potato rosti, just because it looks nice.  Yes I eat with my eyes 😃

One thing I find a little difficult about this book is the way it is set out in seasons.  I think this will grow on me as I transition through the seasons.  It also has no deserts.  What!!! No desert!  Is this because they aren't healthy, well some can be, or because it's easy week night meals.  I still like looking at deserts in a recipe book. 

Overall, I am enjoying this book.  The recipes are easy.  I have most of the ingredients in my cupboards.  I mainly like that they are simple concepts, with the addition of seasoning, that I wouldn't have ever thought of.

I hope this inspires you to pick a new recipe book for you and your family.


Here is the solution to every cook's weeknight dilemma - what to cook tonight? Delicious, simple-to-follow, nutritious recipes that your family and friends will love from the My Food Bag team and Nadia Lim. These recipes have been rated as favourites by My Food Bag customers, so you can relax in the knowledge that each recipe is tasty, easy to make and foolproof. They're organised by season, and Nadia's background as a dietitian and her strong healthy food philosophy ensures that they are nutritionally balanced and good for you. This is the one cookbook you need for cooking successfully during the week, and getting back to loving your weeknight meals.

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