Thursday 27 April 2017

Booktuber of the month

Hi Everyone,

It is almost the end of April already!  It has gone so fast.  I have had school holidays, conferences and family visiting from Australia and the North Island of New Zealand.  It was brilliant having them all here, the sun even came out.  That may seem like a strange concept, but where I live we tend to get a lot of jokes tossed our way about the amount of cold weather we get.  It isn't that bad, but I have to admit that I am sitting here blogging, with a woolly shawl wrapped around my shoulders, as the wind and rain plummet my windows.

So what better to do than to blog and read some more for you.

This month's booktuber goes out to Bookables.  I really like this lady.  She seems real.  Sometimes when I look in on booktubers, they are all tubing the same things and sound alike.  Not this one.  She is chirpy, excitable and real.  In this clip she gets coffee which she loves the smell of but she's not a coffee drinker. When it comes to the biscuits though....  I had smile. 

I actually like the book box she was unboxing.  I have to look into book boxes in my country, I don't hear a heap about them.  I would love to receive one, they look exciting. 

Bookables uploads clips around 3 times a week and she has a mature, likable presentation to reviews, unboxings and literary presentations.  Take a look in on her next time you are on Youtube, just follow the highlighted links or the link below.

Happy reading

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