Wednesday 8 March 2017


Gewgaws: A New Adventure with an Old Friend
Author: C M Bacon
ISBN: 978-0997578614

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce you to the Gewgaws and a story of friendship.  First and foremost I liked the cover.  I am always attracted by a good cover.  I was told at a very young age 'not to judge a book by the cover'.... I cant help it!  If I don't like the cover then often I don't buy it.  In this case there were two things that gave this book the thumbs up for me, the cover, and the author approached me via Goodreads and offered me a copy.

What did I think upon opening it?  I enjoyed the journey from the beginning to the end.  It starts off with a young man/boy who has to go and meet an old friend.  This was very typical as the boy didn't think his friend was 'socially exceptable' enough for him any more.  How often have I heard this kind of dialogue in the young people my kids have friended over the years?  I thought this was a brilliant beginning, one that many middle graders would be able to connect with. 

His mother makes him meet his friend!  Once again I could hear every mother I know speaking.

The plot from here transports the boys to different worlds with Gewgaws (you have to read to figure this one out).  I loved the worlds.  They carried an interest of their own and an uniqueness to other plots.  It was refreshing to read something different, something with an innocence to the quest. 

All the way through I kept telling my boy, "You have to read this you will love it".  I have handed it over to him now and I will find out over time what he thinks.  This is written in such a way that either gender will be able to grasp an interest in the friendship and the fantasy behind the boys travels.  I highly recommend this book grace a families bookcase.  I would also recommend the reading aloud of this, as it is easy to open up conversations with.


Perry Dobbs thinks he's going to meet his old friend Arvin Pewter for a swim at the local pool. Boy, he's in for a surprise!

When a gewgaw rips Arvin and Perry out of our world, they're thrust into a whirlwind adventure across time and space. In their quest for home, they'll journey through fantastic worlds, solve a mystery, meet kind and treacherous strangers, see the best and worst sides of each other, and learn the true meaning of friendship. Will it be enough to confront the mysterious evil following them? Can they get home before it's too late?

Gewgaws is a fast-paced fantasy adventure about finding your inner strength and relying on a friend in your darkest hour.

This was available from: Amazon, Fishpond and Book depository

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