Wednesday 22 February 2017


By: Love food
ISBN: 978-1-4748-0470-7

Hi Everyone,

Take a look at this!  It is one of the most beautiful, chocolate fulled, recipe books I have ever seen!

I look through the pages of this book and just want to look over and over again.   I have shown it to visitors who do exactly the same as they have a coffee with me.  They are probably wondering why I haven't dished them up some of the treats, but start that and where will it lea?.  And, I would want to hide them all away for... me.

We have tries a couple of the recipes and they are delicious.  If you come across this book in the bookstore get a copy.  I don't think you will be disappointed. 

Maybe someone could challenge me to try making all the recipes... I wouldn't be disappointed to try.


Let 'Tempt' seduce you into the wonderful world of chocolate.  

 Including over 80 tried and tested chocolate recipes, perfect for any occasion, and with each accompanied by stunning photography; you can nibble, lick, pour, snap, drizzle, dip and drink your way through the ultimate indulgence, from Chocolate & Caramel Cups to Triple Chocolate Mouse, and the ultimate Gooey Chocolate Pudding.

Featuring recipes to inspire the novice cook as well as enhance the chocolatey repertoire of the competent confectioner, this beautiful collection of lavish recipes will prove irresistibly invaluable.  Coupling delectable recipes with all the chocolate know-how you need to create chocolate creations sure to please the most discerning chocolate lover.  Also includes additional information to really hone your skills from the technicalities of tempering and caraque to the different types of chocolate available and quality control.

Happy reading

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