Sunday 26 February 2017

Booktuber of the month...

Hi Everyone,

This month I have didn't get a lot of time to watch Youtube because... it is summer here!  So, I have chosen my Booktuber of the Month based on the booktubbers that I like to continually look in on.  My choice from that being The Book Leo who tubes regularly and I find her quite creative. 

One of the best things I find with this Booktuber is she isn't always reading what all the other booktubers are reading.  It can become quite dull when you look for book reveiwers, both via blogs and Youtube, only to find they are all reviewing the same thing.  The Book Leo reviews a vast range of books and she also places on clips like above, which recommends books because of the movie. 

Take a look in on her and you will see she has quite a genuine style.  I feel like she has an honesty behind her clips... see what you think.

Happy reading

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