Wednesday 18 January 2017


Author: Lorraine M.L.M
ISBN: 9781539189428

Hi Everyone,

I loved this book right from the very first page.  There seems to be mixed views on Amazon about SeQuence, but I really enjoyed it.  I enjoyed that it was different from a lot of  the other YA books lining the shelves.

The first chapter was one of the best chapters (for me that is).  It had me reading slow, than reading fast paced as the action sped up.  I felt there was an ignorance towards Alessia's problems that was determined to be fixed with counselling and medication.  This is such a normal occurrence in today's society and it is one that annoys me to the bone.  So, I felt for Alessia and connected in a way that I wanted to save her. 

Then, she ends up in the water and finds herself in a new world.  This new world is beautifully described.  I love the graphic descriptions written in each chapter of SeQuence.  The ability Lorraine M.L.M has to 'show' the reader (me) each scene is brilliant.  The descriptive language is what kept me turning page after page as I envisioned this new glorious world.  While I was studying, one of my writing papers, I was continually told to 'show' what was in my mind.  I didn't, at the time, understand what was meant or required as I worked to present more depth in my writing.   As the papers progressed, and hence my writing, I grew to love the visual impact of writers with such an ability to present worlds to my inner-most mind.   I wish  my tutors had given me examples of such writing used in SeQuence.  For me, this was the influential factor or my continual enjoyment of SeQuence.

I will read the rest of this series.  Without a doubt I will be recommending it to our library as the cleanness and balance of adventure, mystery and love impressed me.  I need to know where Alessia and Dante go from here.  What happens to them and their world?  I am hoping the second book gives me more twists and action that will leave me wanting to know more, again.

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