Saturday 21 January 2017

Lily and the Fairy House

Lily and the Fairy House
Author: Jane Tanner

Coming to you with the approval of 'Kitty' ...

Hi Everyone,

I wish I had this book as a little girl.  It is the most beautiful story and picture book that I have ever come across.  I have to share with you some of the illustrations.

This is where  Lily makes the Fairies a swing out of ribbon. 

Here Lily has made a tea party for them.

The whole book is like this!  Lily decides to make a home for the fairies who she believes live in the garden.  She waits quietly for them to arrive.  She then makes friends with them.  The story is extremely sweet and caring.  There is a gentleness to the book that makes me smile.  The illustration are simply beautiful, capturing the essence of a fairy world.  I have to give this book my highest accreditation.  I haven't come across it in the book shops, so I went on a search and found it can be sourced through Whitcoulls and Paperplus


Lily knows that fairies live near the gum tree. She has created a fairy house with a rose petal bed and a gum leaf table, and today she is preparing a fairy party ...But will the fairies come and play? Lily and the Fairy House is pure wish-fulfilment, a magical fairy book for girls of all ages. The perfect companion to the bestselling Isabella's Secret.

Also available from: Book depository, Amazon, and Fishpond

Happy reading

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