Friday 22 July 2016

The A to Z of you and me

The A to Z of you and me
Author: James Hannah
ISBN: 9781492633167

There were a few things I liked about this book...

First, I liked the protagonist had diabetes rather than cancer, car accident or mind issues, which most books tend to feature.  We live in a time where the westernized world has vast amounts of diabetics.  Yet, cancer tends to be the main talking point.  I have known a few people now that have died with cancer, and I hate the disease.  Even though I have seen many cured, I know the damage it does to one's mind and body as it slowly eats the person away.  So, to read a book highlighting diabetes and learning a little more about a sickness that faces so many people, I found journeying through the book with this character enlightening.  I hope I can say I am a better person with a little more respect and understanding of diabetes, from reading this novel.

Second,  I enjoyed the nurse, Sheila.  I would be friends with Sheila.  She had a way of opening people up, caring, supporting, nurturing; while still being tough and professional.  I hope that if I ever need a nurse, I get one just like Sheila.

Third, I liked the way it this novel told two stories.  There was the hospital and his sickness that was far from weakly told.  Then there was the drama of his past life as he played the A-Z game.  This was an interesting concept; it was like reading two novels in one.

Finally, but not least, I enjoyed the journey from wonder, to laughing, to boarder-lining crying; the suspense, the want to skip a couple of pages to see what the happened (but I didn't) and the ending.  You have to read to the end!

Yes, I recommend this book, and I thank Netgalley for enabling me to read and review this book.   I will respect the food I put into my body more so than ever after reading this book, as I have been friends with characters that have shown me the world of diabetes in a very clever, enticing novel.

Happy reading


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