Friday 13 May 2016

Luna Tree: the baby project

Luna Tree
Author: Maya Berger

The more I read this, the more it dragged me in.  To start off with, I thought it was just someone's story.  Upon reading further I found I was mistaken.  Yes, it is ones journey through life and an autoimmune issue but there is more this book.  What I like about this, was the way she approached everything.  Each day was a struggle.  She never denies this fact.  But she enters a journey of relaxation, meditation and finding her inner strength and self. 

I am struggling to explain this book to give it the justice it requires.  It is one, I think, you will need to pick up and read to see what a journey and experience she encounters.  So if your curious click the links below and get yourself a copy.  Then leave a comment below, I am interested what you think and the journey you have perhaps gone on too. 


Maya is kicking up her heels, living the fabulous and mostly carefree life of a twenty-something young woman. However, in the back of her mind continuous longing for a good marriage and family lingers. How do you find the right man, the one who sticks through thick and thin? Will he provide you with the things you find essential in a relationship? Maya kissed a few frogs before finding her Prince Charming, but what followed was of higher importance. She started feeling chronic pain in her lower back, the pain that wouldn't let her neither sit nor stand. Thus Maya began her relentless quest for diagnosis and healing, which she ends after discovering Energy healing. She travels the globe to receive and raise her own stored Energy, the one that changes everything. Her ultimate desires come true.

This was available from: Amazon, Book depository and Fishpond

Happy reading

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