Friday 1 April 2016

March booktuber of the month

Hi everyone,

I am a day behind but better late than never, they say.  I over did the writing thing last week and when it came to blogging... I was brain dead!  There was not one part of me that wanted to write even a single word.  I turned off my computer and did anything but write. 

I am back on track today.  I feel like writing again.  It's actually good to take a break once in while and recharge the batteries of the old brain.  I was wondering what I should let you in on this week when I realised it was April!  No one told me it had crept up so fast.  That means booktubers here I come on the hunt for who I enjoyed most this month.

My pick this month goes to


She is bright and bubbly.  She seems to know her stuff when it comes to books. And she smiles.  I like a person who smiles and looks like they mean it. 
She has quite a variety of clips on her site which makes for interesting watching.  I particularly like that she does more than read the new releases.  Sometimes watching booktubers can become dull because they all highlight the same books.  It becomes an array of publishers advertisements.  Not Zoethereader. As you will see in the above clip she is highlighting her favourite childhood books.  I found this a good watch, especially when I am always looking for books the kids will enjoy.
Keep the camera rolling Zoe, you are my pick of the month for March.  And keep smiling it grabs the attention of people out there that need to see a smile once in a while.
You can follow Zoe on Goodreads, twitter, tumblr, instagram and snapchat by clicking of the video and following her links
Happy reading


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