Thursday 3 March 2016

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures
Author: Fern Britton
ISBN: 978-0-00-73672-1
Pages: 387

This book is an absolute delight!  I was given this book by an aunt, who also loves to read.  She often hands me a book over a cup of tea.  This one came at just the right time, summer break.  Now my break included a university paper, crazy I know.  So, this book kept me sane throughout the last few weeks of the paper. 
The plot was brilliant.  It was by no means a heavy hard read, quite to opposite.  I looked forward to the time of day when I could curl up back in Pendruggan with Helen and her friends.  The characters each made me angry at some point in the story.  But, they all had their qualities, even Helen's ex-husband who I could have thrown my coffee on if he had stepped out of the book.  He was beyond any character I have come across, and I cannot tell you how it would be a 'spoiler'.  Read it and leave me a comment below about what you thought of him.  Then there was the innocent vicar.  He made me smile.  Every book needs a character like Reverend Simon, who had his faults in a crazy way.  As for Piran, well talk about full of himself yet crazy and mess up in his own little way.  Then there is Penny, I can't even start to tell you about Penny and her hyped up personality.  All the characters had their charms and merits which I connected to in different ways.  It was what made the book so enjoyable to read.
For a light-hearted read this is the one for the month of March. 
Helen Merrifield decides to put her ex-husband behind her and start afresh in the idyllic Cornish village of Pendruggan.  Throwing herself into local life, Helen is surprised to find herself the object of two very different men's attention - rather desperate Vicar, and the dark and brooding local historian, Piran. 
Meanwhile, Helen's best friend, Penny decides that the village is the perfect setting for  her new TV series.  When cast and crew descend, the community is thrown into a tizzy, but Helen has her hands full fending of her philandering ex, who seems determined to charm his way back into her bed. 
Should Helen hold on to the past? Or will a Cornish Christmas give her something new to treasure?
This was available from: Fishpond, Amazon and Book depository

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