Wednesday 24 February 2016

The risk of falling


This is circulating the net at the moment, and I have chosen it as my worthy of repeating this week.  When I was a toddler, I was willing to fall and try again.  I didn't know the word determination, but I knew how to act the word.  Today, decades down the track, I struggle to take the chance of falling even just once. 

Thoughts of falling, failure, and what others think stop us from moving from our comfy seat.  The risk is too much, and we know it.  But, what do we know.  We don't take the chance to find out.  We live on 'what ifs' and presumptions.  What is it that moulds us this was, limiting experience, excitement and growth? 

I once fell, and someone picked me up,  I babbled, and someone helped me speak.  When I couldn't hear and understand, I was shown.  Now I am an adult, and I still have people in my life that would happily pick me up, encourage me and desire to see me achieve all life has to offer.  Some of these people picked me up when I two and they still remain beside me, yet crawling is easier.  Isn't it stupid how we learn so much but lose the ability to try, even with all that knowledge.  Even with the same people beside us, we refuse to stand up and try. 

Think about it.  What are you resisting that could be part of your future good.  I am glad I stood up and fell, stood up again and walked.  I will be glad tomorrow of that struggles from today, if I chose to be.

I thank the person who designed this quote.  It made me think and read between the lines, as the written word should do.

Happy Reading


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