Tuesday 16 February 2016

For goodness sake, breathe!

Hi everyone,

Do you ever forget to breathe?  I use to live in a state of constant stress.  Now stress is good,  I can achieve more in such a state.  But, there has to be time to breathe and this is what I often felt I forgot to do. That was before I realised the importance of taking time to stop, even for just five minutes.

There needs to be time, to sit in silence.  It is in the quiet moments that we can slow our minds down and make sense of our thoughts and emotions.  To hear the deep inner strength that lingers below the doubt will enable one to make choices that will bring growth.  Yet, to live in constant anxiety about everything from yesterday, today and tomorrow; slowly the mind and character will be destroyed.

To achieve the things that will make a difference to your life and those around you, take the time to breathe.  I am not saying take a holiday.  Just a little time here and there.  Find five minutes to sit in silence, you might just find the strength to listen to... you.

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