Monday 9 November 2015

Worthy of Repeating

Hi everyone

This weeks Worthy of Repeating came to me through social media.  This one spoke to me loudly.  I explain and apologise for everything.  Now, I do mean everything!  Never on earth, could it be someone else that should come to me to do the talking.  No.  I explain far to much to keep everyone happy.  For goodness sake it may just be time to stop and let someone else do the explaining.  Maybe that way we all get to not only talk, but also think and listen. 

Yes listening, now that is another subject.  How much do we all really listen.  Not just have a coffee and hear what we want.  I mean really listen.  There are so many people out there suffering from depression.  What if someone listened, really listened, before depression set in?  The world seems to be in such a hurry.  There is family, friends, work, study, social media...  No wonder we feel there is need to explain every action, when we are connected to everything, yet nothing all at the same time.

Now stop and think.  Why do you explain so much?

Then stop and think.  Are you hearing what others have to say?  People in your life are important.  Love them and care for them.  Listen not just to what you want to hear.  Try it, maybe even for just one day.  Consider it a challenge.

Keep smiling


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