Wednesday 4 November 2015

Worthy of repeating

After a week of exams, I had to have a laugh at this one.  It gives one point to the boys and one point to the girls.  It is always interesting to see the impact punctuation can make.  Thanks to the friend that sent this one through to me.

Well exams are through for this semester.  I am redecorating the house this week.  I enjoy decorating and craft, so I am going to grab the chance while I take the next couple of weeks for a bit of relaxation.  There will be more time to finish some of my TBR pile, keep looking in and I will keep you informed with what is being read.  I also have a speaking event coming up which I will put the details up for, so if any of you out there are in the area you can come meet me.

Happy reading and keep smiling

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