Friday 2 October 2015

The secret of Sinbad's cave

The secret of Sinbad's cave
Author: Brydie Walker Bain

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This story started with excitement as one of the kids falls through the roof into a secret room.  I thought was a brilliant start to what continued to be a great read.  When the kids discover a map they set off to find Sinbad's cave and hopefully the promise treasure.  Nat becomes part of a mystery to locate treasure left to her in a past determined inheritance.  The story is full of action, mystery and magic. 
The dimension of Maori heritage is well intertwined within the pages.  Now for those of you who live beyond the dynamics of New Zealand, there may be little knowledge of Maori people.  New Zealand is a wonderful multi-cultural country.  The first nationality to New Zealand was the Maori people.  Then followed the British of which the Maori's formed a treaty.  Throughout the years the country has transformed and grown, now being the home of many cultures.  Maori forms a large part of the New Zealand culture, and along with that remains many of their legends.  This is the first story that I have read which intertwines Maori language and heritage into the pages of a chapter book.  Brydie Walker Bain has done a fabulous job in doing this, creating a story of magic and mystery.  At the back of the book, is a Glossary of Maori Words to make reading easily understandable.  There isn't a huge amount of Maori words presented, so don't be scared of reading it.  If you read this on a Kindle many of the words should be in the kindle vocabulary system.
Brydie gave me a copy of this book and I am pleased to have been given an opportunity to read it.  There was a bit of everything in the pages.  A fantail bird that becomes Nats protection; hidden lands that only Nat can experience; caves that hold secrets... and treasure; adventure, mystery and suspense in every chapter.  Family and friends that endure everything together to make the impossible happen. I am looking forward to opening the pages of the next book in the series, The ship of sight. 
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