Saturday 17 October 2015

A casualty of grace

A Casualty of Grace
Author: Lisa Brown
Pages: 235
Publication date: 30 September 2015

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Hi Everyone,
Want curl up with a book and a box of tissues... Here's the book for you.  Want a book you will struggle to put down... Here's your book. 
I have never read a book that I cried so much!  Maybe I am a bit too sentimental.  But this boy went through more then physical abuse.  He went through unlimited emotional abuse from every angle.  I felt the boys grief, pain, anger and disbelief.  The grace he had was amazing.  The adults, on the other hand, needed to have their brains examined.  How can people treat children in such a way, yet it happens.  Even in today's world, it happens.  Now that is an issue in itself that you should not get me talking about!  Lisa Brown touched the very core of an issue that effected many orphans.  She wrote a novel that transported me into the very inner being of the young boy as he had his mother die and set out to protect his brother and maintain their need to remained together.  As they faced the grips of adults in a world that couldn't and didn't protect them... I read, grieved and cried, through each chapter.
I got up each morning and got my family ready for the day, got my breakfast and opened this book.  From there I kept checking the clock and reading just a little more.  Then a little more.  The clock ticked by and I had to put it down.  Come lunch time I usually take the liberty to get in some exercise.  Well, not able to help myself the book was opened instead.  Now ask anyone and they all know how much I like my exercise time,  I always have.  But no, I sat with flavoured coffee and went back into a life of a boy who needed someone to gather him up and give him a home that contained some love and security.
Grab a copy and some tissues.  I doubt very much that you will be disappointed.
Happy reading.
Here's the burb:
Oliver and Simon are young brothers who are unexpectedly orphaned, and they suddenly find themselves alone in the world with nobody to care for them. Now, all they have is each other, and the threat of being torn apart becomes painfully real. The promise of a good home together in distant Canada eases their fears, but it is a promise that is destined to be broken.

After being separated from Simon, fate delivers Oliver to the Pritchard farm, where Liza Pritchard, a woman struggling with her own fractured and afflicted life, sees in Oliver the family she so desperately wants. But Oliver has to contend with her husband, an angry and violent man, and he can’t see past the terrible life he has been thrust into. Both Oliver and Liza have much to learn about faith and forgiveness, and together they embark on an emotional journey that will change each of them forever.
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  1. I have just read this book, and I agree with you - it was a very emotional encounter. Look forward to more from the author.

  2. Hi Bev
    Thanks for commenting, its good to connect with others that enjoy the same books. I will be following this author in the future, hopefully she will continue writing like she has done in this novel.
    Happy reading, Richelle