Saturday 26 September 2015

Vietnam Diary

Vienam Diary
Author: Mark Wilson
ISBN: 978-0-734-1274

Vietnam Diary

 My son got this from the library just so I could read it and blog it.  It was a good choice.  It is a good presentation of the effects of the Vietnam war on family and boys in general.  Leigh and Jason are two brothers.  They are typical boys of the time, including spending much of their time together.  Leigh's friends get called up for service but go into hiding. When Jason is called up he decides to go and serve.  Leigh is angry.  It was quite good to see this side of war written into a children's book for today.  Many of our boys don't understand the effects of such an event.  Computer games and nerf guns are full of strategy and excitement.  I see the men presented in movies as being portrayed as taking off on adventure too.  In reality these young men must have been far from excited as the war took over the nations.  That is the reason I liked this book.  The boys were against war.  Their friends had gone into hiding.  Beliefs were expressed.  Yet Jason still ventured of to serve for his nation. 

The pictures are expressive giving each page feeling.  Different from beautiful graphics that I adore in children picture books but they tell the story with feeling, sometimes more so than the words.  They are perfect for such a story. 

For any boy, like mine. that enjoys computer games and movies yet still enjoys running around with his mates outside with the nerf guns... This book is for them.  It is more than history presented in a picture book.  It is the presentation of the emotion behind each boy that went to war all those years ago.

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