Friday 14 August 2015

The key to Rondo


The Key yo Rondo
Author: Emily Rodda
ISBN: 978-1-86291-750-7
Pages: 370

The Key to Rondo
Take a music box, wind it more than three times and take the adventure with Leo and Mimi into the world of Rondo.
What a lovely piece of literature!  It is a book that will grab the attention of any young lady.  It even grabbed my attention, but then again I enjoy children's books.  I wish I had of read more as a child and experienced this kind of novel.  The characters were fill of the imagination of several fairy tales.  As I was reading I could envison the swans and the troll under the bridge.  I took the journey with the two children in the story.  This is when you know the author has presented a wonderful peice of work. 
I originally wanted this book because of the cover.  Now I know you are not supposed to choose a book by the cover, but who doesn't?  Really!  In this case the cover was perfect for the story.  It is just how I pictured the queen and the dog. 
One of the reviews on the back of the books claims "... the work of a gifted story teller at the height of her power's" Rosemary Neill, Weekender Australian.  She has grasped the wording just right for explaining the writing of this author.
There is a sequel to this novel which I have and intend to read also.  So I will let you know what I think of it when I get a chance to read through my wanted pile.
|This was available from: Fishpond and Book depository

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