Tuesday 15 September 2015

Battle hymn of the tiger mother

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother
Author: Amy Chua
ISBN: 978-14088-22074

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Hi Everyone,

It's almost October again.  That means spring is here!  That is, in the country that I live.  What is it like where are?  It's so wonderful to see that so many people are looking in on my reviews, from all over the world.  Thank you to all of you that keep me reviewing because I know your checking in on what I have been reading.

Anyway, I have just had a week off studying and caught up on some of the reading I really wanted to do.  I started reading this for my assignment, which is an ethnic relations paper.  I had to look at one of the ethnic groups in our country (There are many different ethnicity's here) and I choose to research Asians.  I found it so interesting to look at another culture rather than just what the media has to say.  Well my research lead me to Amy Chua's book.  I had to go back and read it while I was on a break.  This book will really get you thinking.  You will read the comparisons she makes between her upbringing and parenting, and those of Western children and parenting.  Interesting!

When this book hit the book stores there was much controversy.  It really looks at two totally different beliefs on parenting.  Now I would have had my opinion years ago too, but as I get older and raise my own children, I have become much less judgemental.  Why do we look so much at what everyone else is doing and become so opinionated that we have to judge every dynamic of another life?  This is what doing this ethnic paper and reading this book got me thinking about.  We all come from different back grounds.  Amy Chua wrote of her beliefs and parenting style and her daughter writes to defend her as she gets knocked down for being so strict.  Her girls didn't get play dates but they got a family and great education.  She didn't give them sleepovers but she gave them opportunities for adulthood.  Yes she was extremely strict.  Way beyond that which I was bought up with, but some her reasoning made sense.

If you read this book do so without judging.  Take a look at different cultures and see what they are doing that is successful.  Then look at your own culture and see what you think they are doing right.  Maybe if we mixed it all together we could all get it right.  What is right?

Has this got you thinking yet.

Have have great week and enjoy the people around you that make a difference.

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