Saturday 11 July 2015

What learning looks like


What Learning Looks Like: Mediated Learning in Theory and Practice, K-6
Authors: Reuben Feuerstein/Ann Lewin-Beham
ISBN: 978-0-8077-5326-2
Pages: 219
What Learning Looks Like
Reuven Feuerstein's theories, and techniques are incorporated into this wonderful book.  It outlines Feuerstein's insights into how children learn.  It was the way Feuernstein incorporates mediated learning into the learning process that caught my eye and made me pick up this book.  There are many theories on teaching and learning, many of which I have studied over the past few years.  All have their credits,and when intertwined, the teaching and learning process, can achieve new levels.  What I liked about Feuerstein is his idea of interchange and mediation between teacher and student.
This book explains Feuernsteins principles and gives example after example of how how to teach using his principles.  The chapters include:
  • Introduction
  • Learning through mediation
  • The mediated learning experience defined
  • Mediated learning in action expert mediators
  • Four essential cognitive acts
  • Defining the effectiveness of learning experiences
  • Creative use of effective exhibits
  • More essential cognitive acts
  • Blue Sky partnerships
  • Enlarging the cognitive repertoire
  • Stretching the brain to make learning happen
  • After words
One thing I give credit to, with the writing of this book, is the readabilty of its contents.  Many books on education are written in an extremely academic voice.  I found this book was voiced for any teacher or parent that wants to help children learn. 
For anyone interested in teaching through mediation and interaction with the students, this book presents ideas and theory that will hopefully inspire you.  Through interaction students and question and learn... and even shine.
This was available from:  Book depository, Fishpond and Amazon

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