Thursday 19 March 2015


Author: John W. Santrock
ISBN: 978-0-07-811716-9
Pages: 463

Well it's been quite a week here!  I have assignments practically coming out my ears.  So when it comes to time reading a lovely novel... It hasn't happened.  So I thought about what I could give you to read and come up with one of my text books.  What!!! Yes, one of my text books. 
This was one from last year.  But it is a goodie.  For any of you out there with children or teens, its well worth the read.  It goes into every developmental issue for adolescence.  I found it interesting.  How often have I heard about rebellious teens.  What about the fact they are trying to find their identities in a world of adults.  They go from primary school to high school, and find all new issues.  Where to fit in?  At the same time their brain is literally changing.  Pruning and developing.  Why are we as parents not told this rather than being judged because our precious children are now different?
It is an expensive book but if you can get your hands on a copy I recommend reading it!
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