Wednesday 28 January 2015

The story catcher

The Story Catcher
Author: Donna L Martin

 Please note: to look inside this book you will need to go to Amazon as linked below.
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Thank you Amazon
I was offered the opportunity to read this book as part of a blog tour.  I am pleased I said yes to this book.  It is precious!  The illustrations are fantastic!  I will read this book over and over due to the illustrations and moral content of the story.  The story has a catchy repititon that young children will love.  Be warned... it is a book you may have to read over and over again.  BUT, you will really enjoy it.  It's not too wordy or too long, so reading it over again and again will do you no harm.  It comes with the added recommendation of my children which is always a bonus.  The blurb below tells the story well along with the addition I will add, that their is a connection to reading, learning and faith. 
I give this book a definate 5 star rating.  Grab a copy from amazon for on your phone or tablet and have a lovely book to read to your little ones while waiting anywhere.  It will brab their attention and you too, will enjoy the precious little Addie, as she tries to catch her own story.
Addie comes from a long line of readers, or “story catchers,” as her family likes to call themselves. Every time Addie tries to catch a story on her own, though, the words play tricks on her. Addie tries everything she can think of to corral those wiggly letters, but it  will take a little faith to become the next STORY CATCHER.

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By day, Donna L. Martin is a Fourth Degree TaeKwonDo Black Belt; by night, she is a self-proclaimed “ninja author” of picture books, middle grade chapter books, and young adult novels. Somewhere amidst all this excitement, she also created the Free Author Promotion event that takes place every May during the Children’s Festival of Reading. Donna loves laughter, snuggling with her cat, and reading good books. To get a sneak peak of what it was like growing up among the swamps of southern Louisiana, check out Tales from the Bayou on her blog at

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  1. Thanks, Richelle, for helping get the word out about my book. I'm glad you enjoyed Addie's story!