Monday 5 January 2015

A year down yonder


A Year Down Yonder
Author: Richard Peck
ISBN: 978-0-14-230070-1
Pages: 130

A Year Down Yonder
Mary Alice's childhood summers in Grandma Dowdel's sleepy Illinois town had been packed with enough surprises and drama to fill the double bill of any picture show.  But now she is fifteen and faces a whole long year with Grandma, a woman well-known for sharking up her neighbors - and everyone else?  All Mary Alice can know for certain is this: when trying to predict how life with Grandma might turn out... better not.
This book made me giggle.  The antics of Grandma were fantastic.  She was such a character, you had to keep reading.  For example: she was allowed all the nuts from a neighbors tree that fell to the ground, so the drove into the tree.  They fell, they were hers!  This lady had a way of fixing everything, and the community let her away with everything.  The school bully loses her horse and shoes, they survive a tornado... Read the book and take Mary Alice's journey through a year with Grandma.  You will be delighted.
Written in first person from Mary Alice's experiences I can see why this book is a John Newbery medal winner.
This book carries the approval and recommendation of my daughter :-)
This was available from: Book Depository, Fishpond, Sonlight and Amazon
A chaper book that will be enjoyed by all ages, but easy enough for the young independant reader

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