Friday 13 June 2014

Ink heart

Ink Heart
Author: Cornelia Funke
ISBN: 978-1-904442-21-9
Pages: 548

Very interesting and extremely gripping.  I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last.  This is a book about a book.  It is a story of a girl who's father has the ability to read characters out of a book when he reads aloud.  He has no idea when this will happen, who will come out and the problem is that when one comes out, someone must go in.  While reading to his wife, when Maggie was a little girl, he read characters of Inkheart out of the book.  Hence, his wife disappeared into the book.  Never again did he read aloud and he protected Maggie from ever hearing him read.

That is until ...

Really, I cant spoil this for you!  This is a book you will have to read yourself.  Ink heart has been made into a movie and a very good movie it is.  But, it is not nearly as good as the book and it is missing so much that it seems wrong.  I am glad I had read the book first except, it kind of ruined the movie for me.  That is not to say that the movie isn't worth watching, because it is.  Just read the book also you will see the difference.

This is an young adults read and is available from Book Depository, Fishpond and Amazon

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