Monday 19 May 2014

The Prediction

The Prediction
Darren Sugrue
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This book was offered to me by the author, Darren Sugrue.  He is a new author well worth checking out, I will be waiting for his next book! 

Twelve years previous, Daniel writes a thesis to prove the date of death is possible to predict.  Who can really play God?  And who really wants the consequences of playing this game?  This is the out come of the rejected thesis.  As the trial people start to die, on the given dates, Daniel has to choose between bringing back to life his thesis or protecting the people he loved.  Not a simple job.  Again the question is can anyone really play this game and enjoy the outcomes. 

An extremely well written, capturing novel.  It kept me wanting to turn each page.  There didn't seem to be a dull moment as the chapters switched between the characters lives.  I was intrigued as to the outcome of a story like this and I enjoyed the whole novel from the opening pages.  Definitely full of suspense.

This is an adults book.  It contains coarse language.

This was available on Kindle from Amazon and Google books

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