Friday 30 May 2014

Loving our kids on purpose


Loving our Kids on Purpose
Author: Danny Silk
ISBN: 978-0-7684-0352-7
Pages: 185
Loving Our Kids on Purpose: Making a Heart-To-Heart Connection

How do you talk to your children?  Now how do you talk to your friends?  Have you ever been going "Blaa, blaa, blaa, blaa!!!" to your children only to answer the phone, half way through, with the sweetest, "Hello...".  It is a choice how we choose to talk to a person.  This is shown by the fact that we can put on a smile in the mist of an argument, for the phone or someone at the door.
Danny Silks writes on the relationships we have with our children.  They are people and they make mistakes.  He writes about how we can deal with these mistakes, through the heart of our children, rather than with anger over the issue.  Sure it's hard to not get angry.  But are we really trying to break down a heart and relationship, or teach our children about their choices and the impact those choices made.  He gives a sound argument about the impact of our choices towards discipline.  Children need boundaries and parents with the strength to think before reacting.  This book gives loads of examples and ideas to encourage a parent to parent, rather than the child.  This is while keeping the heart of the child rather than breaking it into a million pieces that generations will pick up.
I enjoyed this book.  I liked his writing.  It made me smile many times.  It made me nod many times too.  This is good advice for parenting and growing the heart of a child into the heart of the adult they will be, rather than being the dragon trying to put out a fire you helped fan.
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