Saturday 3 May 2014

By the great horn spoon

By the Great Horn Spoon
Author: Sid Fleischman
ISBN: 987-0-316-28612-1

By the Great Horn Spoon!

A Gold Rush Adventure!
Young Jack sets out with Praiseworth, his butler, to seek his fortune in California.  He is on a mission to save the family home and endeavours to strike it rich in the gold rush.  He strikes it rich in many ways.  He finds adventure from the moment he gets on the ship.  This had me smiling as I imagined the young man with all his obstacles.  Praiseworth was loyal to the end not wanting to let Jacks Auntie down.  He is set on doing his duty as Jacks butler but Jack just wants a friend.  Together they find gold and experience life.
Quite an enjoyable read.  Recommended for 9 year olds +.  An adventure I would envision most boys enjoying.  A good read for girls also as my daughter enjoyed it.
This was available from: Book depository, Fishpond, Amazon and Whitcoulls.

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