Sunday 27 April 2014

The Breadwinner

The Bread Winner
Author: Deborah Ellis
Pages: 170
Rollercoasters edition

Taliban soldiers break into Parvana's apartment and take her father.  She has to dress as a boy and go make a living so her family can survive.
This is an eye opening book.  The things this girl goes through are not often (if ever seen) on Western TV.  On the news and in the news paper we hear of the Afghanistan war yet the effect on the children's lives are left un-notice to most.  This book tells the story from a young girls perspective.  It makes you really think of the reality of war on real people.  Do we all too often read the news paper with our eyes closed?
I recommend this book for ages 12 up.
This book was available from:  Book Depository, Fishpon and Whitcoulls,

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