Friday 28 March 2014

A Big Ball of String

A Big Ball of String

Written and Illustrated by Marion Holland
ISBN: 0-00-171318-3
Pages: 64
A Dr. Seuss I can read all by myself beginner book

A Big Ball of string is a fantastic book for the early reader.  It is written with simple phonetics and sight words, making it a great book for the child just starting to read.  It starts with a boy and a little bit of string, but it's not long enough to make anything.  He goes in search of more.  Mum has plenty.. but not that he can have.  Dad has plenty... but not that he can have.  When he finally finds some string he becomes sick and has to stay in bed.  This is where his imagination soars.  It is intriguing what a boy can do with a piece of string.  Each thing he does I can imagine any boy trying to do.  Hence, it actually put a small smile on my face. 

Give your child some string and then have them read aloud this book.  Then set them on a mission to do something with their string, hiding all objects you don't want them to use!
This book is a part of the "I can read it all by myself series".  Due to the phonetics and simple sight words I think this book will be enjoyed by most early readers.
As this is part of the Dr. Suess beginner readers series (yet not written by Dr Seuss) I thought I would add one of the quotes I like from his book "Happy Birthday to you".

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